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Preparing for the Exam

What to bring?

  • Government-Issued Valid Photo ID. Please bring government-issued photo identification with you to your appointment. Accepted forms of identification include a valid passport, valid driver’s license, refugee travel documents, employment authorization, and more. If you’re under the age of 14, accepted documents need to show your name, birth date, and any other identifying information about you. Examples of accepted documents for minors include birth certifications, affidavits, and school IDs.

  • Alien Number (A#). USCIS tracks most immigration applicants via their A#. It will be on any USCIS document or employment authorization.

  • Covid-19 vaccination card. Please bring your Covid-19 vaccination card or any approved (medical professional or government issued) proof showing at least 2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Additionally, a single dose of Johnson & Johnson is considered acceptable. If you do not have a Covid-19 vaccine or didn't receive the second dose; we can still see you but you will only receive the certified form when you complete the series.

  • Immunization and vaccination records. If you have any immunization or vaccination records, from a medical professional or a government-issued, showing your name and date of administration. Please bring them with you to the exam. Since our civil surgeon is a native Arabic speaker; the immunization records can be in Arabic.

  • Relevant past medical history. You need to inform our civil surgeon with a list of your current medications and any past/current medical conditions.

  • Method of paying for our services. We accept cash and all major credit cards. We do not accept personal checks. Our fees start at $200 or $395 including mandatory lab-work (if necessary).

What to expect during the exam?

  • First visit. Upon arrival into our office; you will provide us your photo ID, Covid-19 vaccine card (if you have one), immunization/vaccination records (if any), and any relevant past medical documentation. Next, you will complete some consent forms and confirm your pre-registration information. Next our staff will take your vitals and ask you to provide a urine sample if the civil surgeon decides that certain laboratory testing is required. Afterwards, you will meet our civil surgeon who will discuss in detail your medical history, immunization history, and explain the required steps to certify your medical exam. Finally, the civil surgeon will perform a detailed physical examination and inform you of his findings and concerns. Lastly, our staff will collect a blood specimen for laboratory testing (if necessary) and administer immunizations/vaccines (if necessary) per the civil surgeon's orders.

  • Second visit. Upon your arrival into our office; our staff will perform one FINAL quality assurance review of your I-693 form. Next, you will see the civil surgeon who will answer any concerns or questions that you may have. Afterwards, our civil surgeon will certify the form and seal it. Lastly DO NOT open the SEALED envelope.

  • The certification process of "Report of Medical Examination & Vaccination Record" -- Form I-693 takes approximately 2-4 business days for most applicants.

Complete the pre-registration form below:

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