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Report of Medical Examination & Vaccination Record -- I-693

You need to arrive at our facility with a Valid Photo ID (government-issued such as passport, state ID, driving license, work permit etc), Covid-19 vaccine card (if any), and your immunization\vaccination records from a medical professional or a government authorized source.

The immigration medical exam includes the physical exam, all paperwork, and forms starts at $200 or $395 including mandatory lab-work (if necessary). A complimentary (FREE) consultation with the civil surgeon regarding the additional fees for extra blood work or vaccines is included. Finally, a follow-up consultation with the doctor when you pick up the results, and the certified forms in a SEALED envelope.

El examen médico de imigracion incluye el examen físico, todos los papeles y formularios necesarios. Comienza de $200 o $395 incluyendo exámenes laboratorios (si es necesario) La consulta con el médico es gratis por los cobros extra que son de sacarle sangre y cualquier otra vacuna que le tenemos que hacer. Finalmente tiene que regresar para una ultima consulta con el doctor cuando vengas a recojer tus resultados que están sellados y certificados.

The Medical Exam lasts approximately one-hour per applicant. And entire process takes around 2-4 business days.

El examen médico es aproximadamente una hora para el aplicante. y el proceso completo tarda 1-4 días.

FAQ en Espaniol (Preguntas Frecuentes)

Call/Text our office for further information or to schedule an appointment at 317-293-9039.

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